Challenger Deep: Descent

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you wake up in a flooded facility at the depths of the ocean. it is only a matter of time before the pressure of the miles upon miles of water above you cracks the fragile shell you are trapped inside. and there is something in there with you.

This is the nightmare Dr Adrien Blanc is living. She took her job as a researcher at Challenger Deep – a Theme Park with a fully-functioning and state-of-the-art research facility at the edge of the Marianas Trench – because she wanted to push the boundaries of science. Now they find themself fighting for their life. The power is running out. There is nobody but a malfunctioning AI to guide her. Neither Adrien nor the AI have any idea where the Breach to the facility happened, or what caused it. What they do know is that there is something else inside Challenger Deep. Something that should not be there. The next nearest point of escape is across the Theme Park, through a complicated system of doorlocks and safety mechanisms designed to protect life in the event of system failure. The only problem? The designers did not account for the problem coming from inside.


The Cast and Crew

Ripley Leatherbarrow as Dr Adrien Blanc
Dr Adrien Blanc is a world-expert in the study of plankton and a four-year employee of Challenger Deep’s cutting edge research facility. One day she hopes to lead research into the potential benefit of bioluminescent plankton for deep-space exploration.

Ripley Leatherbarrow is a budding Voice Actor, tik-tok cosplayer, DnD enthusiast, habitual podcast-listener, and twice-time actor for Hanging Sloth Studios. They play Rhytidia Delphus in Spirit Box Radio, and provided one guest appearance in Clockwork Bird.
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Alex Peilober-Richardson as YNA
YNA is the AI runnning the operation of essential and non-essential functions at the Challenger Deep Theme Park and Research Facility. She’s state-of-the-art and handily capable of rudimentary function even with massive data loss.

Alex is a founding member of Hanging Sloth Studios (our resident Artistic Sloth), co-star of Clockwork Bird (as Dr Sophie Bennett) and Spirit Box Radio (as Anna Enfield).
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Jessie Jeffrey as Kida Blanc
Kida Blanc is the fifteen-year-old sister of Dr Adrien Blanc. A lover of art and beautiful things, she and her sibling rarely see eye-to-eye, and living at the bottom of the sea is something that Kida could never picture herself.

Jessie is a founding member of Hanging Sloth Studios (our Head of Sloth Resources) co-star of Clockwork Bird (as Alice Jones) and Spirit Box Radio (as Kitty Enfield).
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Pippin Eira Major as Dr Xander Vladokovic
Dr Xander Vladokovic is the head researcher leading research at the laboratories in Challenger Deep.

Pippin is the creator, director and editor of the show, and Sloth-in-Chief and founder of Hanging Sloth Studios.
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