Meet the Hanged Sloths

Disclaimer: None of us are sloths nor have we been hanged.

Pippin Eira Major


Pippin Eira Major grew up amongst sheep and other small herbivores in North Wales. With a shortage of human contact, they developed an overactive imagination and a need to create strong, emotive characters embroiled in exciting scenarios.

Pippin is responsible for this whole mess, to be honest. The whole thing was his idea, so if you’re looking for somebody to blame, he’s your man.

Pippin is the creator and director of Clockwork Bird, in which he plays Noah, and the Snake. When he’s not roping people into projects, Pippin writes novels, mostly literary fiction, and always incredibly LGBTQ+. He is also the only human member of grunge-pop group Maybe Wednesday.


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Find Pippin @pippineira on twitter.

Alex PR

Artistic Sloth

Alex Peilober-Richardson was stolen by fairies, and the changeling left in her place has tried her best to assimilate since. She has been telling stories since she could talk and illustrating them since she could hold a pencil. She primarily writes speculative fiction but has been known to dabble in literary, with a focus on characters who ask too many questions. Alex is currently finishing a fantasy novel about a girl on a quest to save her sister, which questions the simplicity of fairy tales and explores the impact of late-stage capitalism upon the environment.

Alex is our resident podcast expert and is responsible for all of our in-house artwork. As the first of the Hanged Sloths to listen to the Magnus Archives, she is in no small way responsible for the chain of events that led us to Clockwork Bird. Despite our best efforts Alex is the only Hanged Sloth to have successfully participated in a game of DnD.

Alex plays Dr Sophie Bennett in Clockwork Bird.

Find Alex @unlikelytales on twitter.

JEssie jeffrey

Head of Sloth Resources

Jessie Jeffrey was born in Connecticut, raised in Wales and lives in Manchester. She feels lost a lot. Following her BA in English and Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, Jessie began work on her first novel, which explores the fallout of a mother’s unusual way of dealing with grief. She’s interested in messy characters and why people make mistakes. During writing breaks, Jessie tries her best to remember she’s made tea before it goes cold, and takes long walks to sadly contemplate the fact that, since she’s moved out of her mother’s house, she doesn’t technically own a dog anymore.

Jessie is responsible for the look and feel of Hanging Sloth Studios projects, and is the primary casting director for our imaginary Notflix re-adaptations of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. She’s the woman behind Vellamaraptor and its subsequent sequels, the fictional B Movie horror franchise that started Hanging Sloth Studios, which was inspired in part by her totally hypothetical, completely academic, purely intellectual interest in the dinosaur black market.

Jessie plays Alice Jones in the podcast Clockwork Bird.

Find Jessie @notthatjessiej on twitter.

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