Our logo, feat. Ganymede the Sloth, was designed by founding member Alex!

Hanging Sloth Studios Presents…

Hanging Sloth Studios

Hanging Sloth Studios is a Manchester based podcasting publisher. At the moment, the studio is run primarily by Eira Major. Eira writes, directs and edits all of Hanging Sloth Studios’ current projects. This is likely ill-advised but we have fun here.

Eira started producing podcasts in 2020 during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, with other Founding Members Alex & Jessie on board as Voice Actors. Our first project was Clockwork Bird, a now-completed, 30 episode audiodrama about a missing cyborg and the people who are looking for him. Clockwork Bird launched in June 2020.

Our second project, the immersive horror audiodrama Spirit Box Radio, was launched on 19th November 2020. Spirit Box Radio follows temporary advice and community segment host Sam Enfield as he fills in for missing psychic, the Illustrious Madame Marie.

We also make a Behind-the-Scenes podcast, Hanging with the Sloths, which is available exclusively on Patreon.

Want to write about us? We’re flattered! We’ve put together this handy little press kit which you might find helpful!

Our Values

Inclusivity – listening to voices of minority groups, championing them when we can, making any adjustments to work around barriers to participation in our projects due to disabilities or financial difficulties, and including under-represented groups creatively and conscienciously in our work.

Creativity – telling stories that challenge the status quo, whether that’s in their form, structure, narrative or simply who is telling the story.

Opportunity – providing a jumping-off point for people who want to get involved in podcasting, reaching out beyond common channels to find collaborators, and lifting up other creators to help them acheive their goals.

Accountability – making our practices the best they can be for everyone involved and anyone potentially impacted by them.