Clockwork Bird

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Clockwork Bird, or the Modern Icarus

A sci-fi horror podcast about humans, hubris and humanity.

Since the early 2030s, pictures of Robin Jaeger, a man half-made of carbon-fibre, have graced billboards the world over. The company that designed his shiny synthetic limbs, U-Co, promise speed, strength and efficiency, and Robin is their poster boy. By all accounts, Robin is a miracle; more than 70% of his body is synthetic. But something strange is afoot. Robin has been legally dead for more than a decade and nobody has seen him for almost a year, since he disappeared from his home in a peaceful town just outside of Cardiff.

Now, Shelly Croft has been drafted in to sort the case notes for bringing U-Co to trail for medical malpractice, only she is certain their crimes run much deeper.

As she processes recording after recording of Dr Sophie Bennett, responsible for designing Robin Jaeger’s limbs, and the mysterious Alice Jones, she begins to formulate a grim picture of neglect, imprisonment, and maybe even murder. Under the watchful, but unseeing, eye of Dectective Inspector Dave Hughes, Shelly decides she must be the one to bring the truth of the horrors committed by U-Co to the world.

Clockwork Bird © 2020 by Eira Major for Hanging Sloth Studios is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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  1. Presenting: Spirit Box Radio
  2. Swan Song No.3: Interview with Alex
  3. Swan Song No.2: Interviews with Actors Daisy and Gary
  4. Swan Song No.1: Bloopers!
  5. 30. Robin

Cast, in Order of Appearance

Daisy Jane Major as Shelly Croft

Gary Major as Dave Hughes

Jessie Jeffrey as Alice Jones

Alex PR as Dr Sophie Bennett

Eira Major as E-Liza, Noah, and the Snake

The Story So Far…