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An Immersive Horror Audiodrama

Spirit Box Radio’s new host, the spiritually-challenged Sam Enfield, does his best to guide you through queries about contacting the otherside, advice for the magically inclined, and general guidance for those seeking to participate in the spookier side of life and death. Spirit Box Radio releases every Thursday at witching hour (0303 GMT). Tune in, get spooky.

Created by and starring Pippin Eira Major (Clockwork Bird) as Sam Enfield.

SBR 1.34: Harmonious Spirit Box Radio

Sam takes a most peculiar call from Regular Caller Beth, who may not be as regular as anyone supposed… Transcript available here: https://hangingslothstudios.com/sbr-1-34-harmonious/ Join us on the Faithful Listeners Discord Server!| Content Warnings |– Background music of varying volumes– Implications of past child neglect– Discussion of the death of a child– Mention of serious car accident– Description of mourning and funeral rites– Mentions of hospitals and hospitalisation– Loss of a degree of autonomy (not Sam)– Complex mourning for a neglectful/abusive parent– Mentions of blood (from a nosebleed)– Implications of murder or wrongful deathHave we missed something? Tell us here. Directed, edited and produced by Pippin Eira Major, the voice of Sam Enfield. This episode also features: Daisy J Major as Regular Caller Beth.Remember, Hanging Sloths and SBR merch is available here (digital stuff).SHOW TWITTER: @SpiritBoxRadioSLOTHS TWITTER: @HangingSlothsPINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/hangingslothstudios/PODCHASER: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/spirit-box-radio-1592988CONTACT: https://hangingslothstudios.wordpress.com/contact/Support us on Ko-fi and on Patreon!Spirit Box Radio is a podcast distributed by Hanging Sloth Studios under a Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International Share Alike license. The show was created by Pippin Eira Major. More info about the show and its cast can be found on the Hanging Sloth Studios website. Music by Maybe Wednesday. Get episodes one day early with Patreon! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. SBR 1.34: Harmonious
  2. SBR 1.33: Total Eclipse of the Start
  3. SBR 1.32: Ding Dong
  4. SBR 1.31: Nevertheless
  5. SBR 1.30: Eudemonism

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Join the Faithful Listeners Forum, a discord server where the creator and cast hang out with fans of the show and talk about Spirit Box Radio, baked goods and a variety of other things!

It’s a great place to find excellent fan art and cosplays of your favourite SBR characters, and meet some very lovely people!

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Currently, all of the actors working on Spirit Box Radio do so on a purely voluntary basis because Hanging Sloth Studios does not make any money from our shows. We want to change that, as soon as possible! You can support us on Patreon or Ko-fi!

It would cost us approximately £1640 to compensate the fabulous actors currently working on the show (excluding Pippin).