Hanging Sloth Studios Press Kit

This information is available for use by anyone wishing to write about Hanging Sloth Studios or any of our audio drama projects.

Hanging Sloth Studios is a queer indie podcast studio based in Manchester, founded by Pippin Eira Major in 2020. They make audio dramas with their roots in horror. Their first audio drama, Clockwork Bird, launched in June 2020 and concluded January 2021. Spirit Box Radio is multi-award winning, on-going weekly immersive cosy horror show which launched in November 2021.

Clockwork Bird

Clockwork Bird is a philosophical horror podcast about a missing cyborg and the people looking for him. Robin Jaeger is the most synthetic man in the world. And he’s possibly been legally dead for over a decade. Shelly Croft is putting the pieces together, hoping the trail to Robin Jaeger will also lead to her finding her ex-girlfriend, who was obsessed with the company who made Robin’s limbs, and has also disappeared.

Clockwork Bird was created and produced by Pippin Eira Major under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution 4.0 International License.

Cast information

Daisy J Major as Shelly Croft, a child psychologist dragged into investigating Robin Jaeger’s disappearance because she thinks it may help her find her missing ex-girlfriend.

Jessie Jeffrey as Alice Jones, Shelly’s ex, gone missing after getting a job at U-Co, the company that made Robin Jaeger’s limbs. She’s been obsessed with Robin for years after meeting him on a beach and finding him less impressive than the posters of him suggest.

Alex Peilober-Richardson as Dr Sophie Bennett, one of the doctors and researchers responsible for designing Robin’s synthetic limbs, Dr Sophie is morally dubious and follows the rules to a fault.

Gary Major as DI Dave Hughes, the detective actually assigned to looking for Robin, and Shelly’s ex, Alice. Dave is blind but misses nothing, though he may know more than he lets on.

Pippin Eira Major as Noah Davies, whose name crops up a lot in Robin’s file, and E-Liza, the helpful AI preloaded onto Shelly’s computer which is prone to bizarre and oddly precient malfunctioning.

Spirit Box Radio

Spirit Box Radio is a weekly horror audio-drama about a haunted radio show and its happy-go-lucky new host, Sam Enfield! Sam has no discernable talent for the Arcane Arts, and has only taken over the show after the mysterious disappearance of the previous host, the Illustrious Madame Marie. Despite Sam’s insistence that everything is fine, the past continually intrudes on the present, and it’s clear that Spirit Box Radio is haunted by something much worse than ghosts; secrets.

New episodes every Thursday 15:00 UK Time.

Spirit Box Radio won Best Fiction Podcast at the People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2021, was a finalist in several categories in the 2022 Audio Verse Awards, of which Voice Actor Gary Major won Best Guest Performance in a New Audio Drama for his role as the Man in the Flat Cap and Shell Suit.

Spirit Box Radio is created and produced by Pippin Eira Major with guest writing by Alex Peilober-Richardson under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution 4.0 International License.

Core Cast Information

Pippin Eira Major as Sam Enfield, the radio host with no particular apparent spiritual skills who is here to try his best.

Alex Peilober-Richardson as Anna Enfield, Sam’s cynical sister. Anna is a lawyer and she does not believe in the Arcane.

Jessie Jeffrey as Kitty Enfield, the Investigator. Kitty’s job is to solve Arcane mysteries, and report back from the field.

More cast information is available here.

Testimonials and Reviews

Spirit Box Radio is a cute approach to Sam’s gentle haunting, a lighthearted tale of a basement-dwelling radio host having to deal with the past in the present.’ – Elena Fernández Collins and Amber Bulinski for the Bello Collective (Original Article)

‘Multiple narratives are layered in a way that’s surprisingly easy to follow, and the writing is snappy and memorable. Sam’s naive inexperience strikes just the right tone with the stories, which get more sinister and compelling the more you think about them. A must listen for Night Vale fans.’ – Rae of the Night Post Podcast (original review here)

Spirit Box Radio weaves between the slow burn of unfolding supernatural mysteries and the humor of a new radio host figuring out how to do a job he never expected to have.’ – The Godfrey Audioguide (original here)

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