Not Quite Dead Transcripts

These are transcripts for the show Not Quite Dead. They’re also linked from every corresponding episode of the show in the episode notes, and go out simultaneously with when the episode is released. There’s sometimes a delay between transcripts going live and then appearing in this list as it has to be manually updated. If that’s the case, you can find the transcript you need with this format:[episode number].

Show Content Warnings
These content warnings apply across the whole show. Individual episodes will have their own listed CWs which will include any/all of these plus any others. These are warnings which apply across most episodes of the show. Please bear in mind that this show is a work of horror fiction and frequently places characters in situations which jeopardise their psychological and physical health. In addition, listeners should be aware that this show contains the following throughout:
– profanity
– references to sex
– frequent violence
– traumatic injury
– death, including violent death
– references to medical procedures
– hospital settings
– mentions of blood


Other Transcripts