Because we’re such a small, independant podcasting studio, it’s taken us a while to fully understand what being accountable might look like for us. What information about how we run our team is important for the public to know about, how do we think critically about our processes, and how are we going to address issues as we find them? This is a work in progress, and as time goes on, we’ll be continually developing ways to be accountable for what we do here at Hanging Sloth Studios.

Our intention is to update this page every six months to a year, or as is pertinent. We’ll make sure there are links to historical data whenever this data is updated, so you can be sure we’re not hiding anything from you.

This data is present to you as accurate to 24/01/2021 (Sunday, 24th January, 2021)


At the moment, Hanging Sloth Studios does not have any employees. It’s not a registered business and is currently not making any money. Howver, there is one person who is primarily responsible for all aspects of running the studio, writing podcasts and producing podcasts: Pippin Eira Major. There are two people with some involvement in planning and proof-reading. Pippin, these two other volunteers, and three others are responsible for Voice Acting.

Areas where we excel

  • We have a very high percentage of those involved who are trans and/or nonbinary, way above the national population averages for the UK (in which we are based).

How can we maintain this? We are trying our best to make the auditions process as inclusive of trans, nonbinary and GNC people as possible, with Pippin using lived-experience as a trans nonbinary person and consulting with other people about how to make the process as inclusive as possible.

  • We have a very high percentage of those involved who are in some respect LGBTQ+.

How can we maintain this? As above, we are aiming to make the auditions process as inclusive of LGBTQIAP+ people as possible, and continually seek out and implement feedback both from people involved in our podcasts and within the broader community.

Areas where we fall short

  • Those involved in the podcast are all white. We have no BAME people involved in any of our current projects.

How are we planning to address this? We’ve recently put out open casting calls which should considerably diversify the people working with Hanging Sloth Studios.

  • We currently cannot pay voice actors for their work on our projects.

How are we planning to address this? This is largely out of our hands, because it’s dependant on our audience growing and audience memebers choosing to provide us with support. We have launched a patreon page which we are attempting to create noise about, with plans to create other ways for people to make one-off donations in the near future. We are approaching the minimum threshold for advertisers on Clockwork Bird. We are hoping to launch a line of merchandise in the near future, too.

Money Stuff

At the moment it costs us £180 to host our shows online.

At the moment we make £2 pcm from patrons on patreon.

At the moment we make £0 from merchandising.

At the moment we make £0 from other sources.

As such, we function at a deficit of ~£156 per year, which is made up for with self-funding from personal savings.

At the moment, all Voice Acting is done on a voluntary basis, and our actors as such were not paid for their work. They were made aware of this prior to signing up to the projects on which they are involved.