Dear Magpie

Ever wanted to write a letter to Sam Enfield, sunshiny host of Spirit Box Radio? Well, now you can! From 13th October to 5th November 2021, you’ll be able to submit a letter to Sam right here. The letters will be read aloud on a special bonus episode of the show aired the Thursday following Sam’s birthday (Sam’s birthday being 13th of November, this makes the date of this episode airing 18th of November).

You can of course post your work elsewhere, such as on AO3 or anywhere else you might like to host your work. If you don’t want Sam to read your letter on-air, there will be a way to let us know. In the event that we receive more letters than we can read out, there is a chance yours won’t be read aloud on the show. Don’t worry, though! All of the letters will appear here on the Hanging Sloth Studios website in the run up to the release of Spirit Box Radio Season Two (again, you are more than welcome to opt out of this if you wish!).

Your letter can be about anything you like! You can write a letter into the Enlightenment Segment in the style of those written by Faithful Listeners inside the show, pen Sam some birthday wishes, or simply send him a little note!

Entries may undergo light editing for spelling errors before being read and/or posted but otherwise we won’t be making any changes; what you send to Sam is what they will receive!

important stuff

  • You will still hold the copyright to your letter once it is submitted – there are no restrictions on where you post it or share it
  • By submitting your letter here we assume you will be happy with it being published under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License
  • You don’t have to do anything for that license to be applied to your work, and where it appears on our website it will be displayed with proper attribution to you


  • All entries must be submitted by 23:59 on Friday 5th November 2021
  • Please provide a list of any necessary content warnings to the best of your ability
  • Be respectful and mindful of others
  • Entries must be submitted using the form below
  • Entries should be no more than 2000 words long
  • Entries should be in English
  • Letters should be addressed to Sam from you, a psuedonym, or an original character, not from any existing show character
  • Use of slurs or hate speech of any kind will result in automatic rejection of your letter


  • If your letter seems to contain very personal information (unless it’s very vague) we won’t post it or read it out in the show, even if you tell us we can
  • The concept of this bonus episode is that Sam will be reading these letters as part of a little birthday celebration. You might wish to use this as a prompt but please do not feel limited by it; you are free to send a spooky little number should you wish.


Entry to this year’s Dear Magpie event has now closed.