SBR 0.1: Coming Soon! Spirit Box Radio

PIPPIN: Hi, I’m Pippin Major! Sloth in chief of Hanging Sloth Studios and the creator of the podcast Clockword Bird. I’m here to tell you about our new podcast, Spirit Box Radio. An immersive horror audio drama about unlikely radio show host Sam Enfield who has to fill in for the illustrious psychic Madame Marie after her mysterious disappearance.

The show stars me as Sam Enfield and a lot of the cast you will already know from Clockwork Bird, including the voices of Sophie Bennett, Alice Jones, and Shelley Croft. The show is packed with fantastic new music, loads of spooky stories, and I’m really excited for you to listen to it. Spirit box radio will air on Thursdays from the 19th of November 2020 wherever you listen to your podcasts. Just search spirit box radio or go to to find out more. Tune in, get spooky!


{This transcript was graciously provided by Summer}