SBR 1.40 Content Warnings

– Themes of grief, death, and trauma throughout
– Background Sound effects of various volumes, with panning effects (meaning audio may be different in left and right speakers/headphones/earphones). These sound effects include: creaking/groaning wood; thunder; ticking clocks; objects rattling; static.
– Threats of violence, including murder
– Door slamming
– Depiction of attempted emotional manipulation (of a major character by a non-major character)
– Vocal distortion (slight echo effect and reverberation)
– Relatively loud sound effects of explosion/destruction (these are slowly introduced and do not happen at random)
– Sounds of pain and physical distress (distant screams; gasping; wheezing; coughing; spluttering)
– Sound of a knife
– ‘On-screen’ major character death (temporary)
– Negative self-talk (light, infrequent, but persistent)
– Crying infant
– Sounds of a storm (thunder; rain; wind)
– Implied child neglect
– Complex mourning (not lingered on, but present)