SBR Episodes Masterlists

This page provides links to masterlists of all episodes of Spirit Box Radio and will include links to listen to each episode on Acast; episode transcripts; drop-down episode content warnings; drop-down spoiler-rich episode summaries.

If you’re just looking for transcripts, it might be easier to use the transcript masterlist, which has links to all episode transcripts for all seasons of Spirit Box Radio. Transcripts have Content Warnings included on them, too. In Season One, these are at the bottom of the page and can be accessed easily without needing to scroll through the whole transcript by clicking a button at the top of the page. In Season Two, content warnings are given as a drop-down link at the top of the page and will only display if you click the link.

How to use these masterlists

These masterlists are intended as an easy way to access an overview of content warnings for Spirit Box Radio alongside episode summaries for those episodes you may wish to skip. The content warnings given are listed to the best of our ability but may not be exhaustive. If you encounter something in an episode, please flag it using our Transcript Issue Reporting Form and we’ll review it within 14 days and decide whether to update the content warnings for that episode.

Another thing these masterlists may be useful for is sourcing information about the show. Additional information about episodes can be found on the fan-maintained wiki for the show, but information given there is not regulated by us and their summaries are unofficial, unless stated otherwise.

An Important Note

There are currently no official spoiler-rich summaries for Season One of Spirit Box Radio. These will be added to the masterlist as they are completed over the next few months. From Season Two, spoiler-rich summaries will be be posted on the masterlist within a week of episode releases, except in exceptional circumstances. If there are going to be delays to updating these pages, updates will be posted on the official Hanging Sloth Studios twitter.