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SAM: Are we more than we are? Welcome to Spirit Box Radio, now hosted by, er, me, Sam Enfield! I used to be the PO Box boy but since Madame Marie and all of her loyal assistants disappeared, I’m the only one left. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I have noticed a couple of things seem a little bit off here in the studio, like these augury forecasts which keep appearing out of nowhere, and all these weird messages—

CATS: Mrrow!! MEEP!

SAM: And all of these cats keep showing up, too. I have no idea where Madame Marie has gone. She’ll be back though, I’m sure! It’ll all be fine, right? Right. I may not know much about magic, ghosts, or the arcane but I’m sure we can figure it out together, faithful listeners. Everything will be fine! Tune in to new episodes of Spirit Box Radio every Thursday, and learn how there are much worse things than ghosts to be haunted by!

PIPPIN: Spirit Box Radio is a cosy horror audio drama with themes of grief, love, and identity, with new episodes releasing every week wherever you listen to podcasts. To find transcripts and learn more about the show, visit Spirit Box Radio is recorded in front of a dead studio audience.

RECORDING MACHINE: Tune in, get spooky.

REVEL: Meow!!


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SBR 2.38: Not Yet Spirit Box Radio

The Season Two Finale. Sam’s journey into the Arcane takes him to the least likely of places, and he must face the question: what if everything he thinks he knows about himself is wrong? Transcript: us on patreon: us on Ko-Fi: out on discord: Hanging Sloths twitter: show twitter: the full SBR Merch range at TeePublic: Merch on RedBubble: Warnings:Background sounds and musicStereo audio (audio will sound different in right and left speakers/headphones)StaticMentions of death and dyingEmotional distressThreats of violenceChild endangerment/neglect: mentions of and reference toComplex grieving of a neglectful parental figureNegative self-talk from a main characterManipulation, of a magical and mundane natureChoking/spluttering on waterDeath and dyingLoud sound effectsThis season starred:Jessie Jeffrey as Ekaterina Erzabet ‘Kitty the Investigator’ EnfieldAlex Peilober-Richardson as Anastasia Morgana ‘Anna’ EnfieldWill Cummings as Oliver ‘the Florist’ BoleynBilly Bray as ScourgeBeca Barton as Indi Tais Grimberg as Bliss Kay Watson as Ingra Ripley Leatherbarrow as ‘the Bog Witch’ Rhytidia DelphusDaisy Major as Regular Caller BethElinor Wood as Madame MarieRose Eke as the Mystery CallerFreya Meldrum as Show-Caller EmilyLindsay Zana as ScarcityAaron Wolfe as StrifeReba Yeo as ArloTony Cullen as BÉlisa Grothé as Maria GillespieAlex Kingsley as Jay MagnumBrandon Fields as Julius HughesSanna Javed as The Garden GhostNigel McKeon as A CultistHaruka Nami as A CultistElliot White as A CultistPippin Wood as A CultistGary Major as The Man in the Flap Cap and Shell SuitAnd me, Pippin Eira Major, as Samael Apollo Enfield, Heir Apparent to the Blood Rose Crown.This show is written, edited, and produced by me, Pippin Eira Major. Get episodes one day early with Patreon! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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