SBR Remasters

You’ve tuned into SBR from the start having listened to it before, and you think ‘hang on a minute, this isn’t how I remember it’. Don’t worry, you’ve not stepped into an alternate universe. It’s likely you’ve come across a remastered version of the episode you love.

The process of revising episodes isn’t taken lightly and it’s only done when I can be certain I’m improving something vital about the show in order to help it grow. Whilst it’s not feasible to return to all of the episodes and completely redo them, as I grow and learn as a creator, I want to make sure that episode one – the first episode of the show anyone will encounter – is the best it can possibly be at the time. This involves patching editing mistakes where possible and improving volume levels where needed.

Here’s a list of the old versions of episodes, which are available via YouTube.

SBR 1.1 Bellwether