Clockworking Away!

Despite the near-global standstill, things are moving fast here at Hanging Sloth Studios.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the scripts for the first five episodes of Clockwork Bird are in the capable hands our lovely cast, and we should start recording within a fortnight! We want the podcast to be as accessible as possible, so we’ll also be posting transcripts of the episodes here on the Hanging Sloth Studios website for the benefit of people who want to hear our story but are deaf or hard of hearing, and for those who find it helpful to read along whilst they are listening.

We have a patreon set up if you’d like to support us over there. We’ve got loads of great perks for patrons, including behind-the-scenes stuff from Hanging Sloth Studios and live chats with the team. Amounts are in dollars but you can support us from anywhere in the world. Otherwise, keep an eye out for us over on Twitter, or subscribe to the Slothful Blog to keep up to date!

All the best,

Pippin Eira Major

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