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Hello, faithful listeners! It’s creator of Spirit Box Radio Pippin, here! If you have any questions for me about the show so far, we’re going to be holding a little Q&A. The question box is linked in the description. It’s already open and will be staying open for two weeks, closing on 29th of April at midnight UK time. You can send questions just for me, which will be answered in a Q&A episode which will come out in a few weeks’ time, or you can ask more general questions for the cast, which will be aired in a separ ate episode in a few week’s time. I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say! Speak to you next week, and for now, stay spooky, everyone!

The Midseason Break is actually a great time to sign up to the Hanging Sloth Studios because I’ve just started uploading Spirit Box Radio bonus stories! These will be going up every few weeks, and will be supplemental to canon information. There won’t be anything plot revealed in them but there will be plenty of character moments!

Here’s part a brand new bonus story which will be going live just after this episode does, called ‘The Life and Deaths of Oliver Boleyn: High Seas Vol. 1’

Salt in the air, seagulls cawing as they careened through the skies. There was much risk to fine silk garments at sea, Oliver Boleyn had come to learn. It was the middle of the day and the blistering sun was at it’s highest point in the sky. The ship’s cat lay draped under the shadow of the canon. Heat lines rising from the dark metal of the canon’s barrel made the deck hazy beyond as Oliver dozed beside a cracked open crate of lemons. The heat was beginning to get to them. Another day and they’d be inedible, but right now, the whole deck was filled with the sweet scent of hot citrus, which was doing a marvellous job of disguising the frankly hideous smell of the rest of the crew.

Any sign of the coast?’ Captain Calico’s voice made Oliver startle into alertness. At a glance, Calico Jack was not an intimidating man. He dressed almost as well as Oliver did, except for his insistence on carrying an extra flintlock, which completely ruined the line of his coat.

Nothing yet,’ Oliver replied, sitting up. He took out his Seeing Glass and saw Jack’s eyes flash with interest. Oliver knew Jack was desperate to get his hands on it so he could understand how it was Oliver seemed able to see ships and shores Jack’s own much larger glass failed to spot. By now, though, Jack knew better than the cross Oliver; he’d seen him stabbed in ways that ought to have been fatal one too many times to risk challenging him directly and despite his panache Jack was not a particularly skilled pickpocket.

Oliver was tempted to show Jack what the world looked like through the Seeing Glass, to show him the shimmering lines of the Arcane, how each trembling thread connected to so many others, how to trace lines from the sea back to ships carried on currents too deep to be felt beneath the ship’s hull long before they were visible on the horizon.

We should have been in eye-line of Nassau last night,’ said Jack, squinting across the water. The sea was preternaturally still, and the air hung heavy and flat, sails unmoving and just as heavy above us.

Do you want me to get out and push?’ asked Oliver.

You can read the rest over at PLUS the first bonus story, ‘A Vignette of Sam Enfield’, which went up last week. Stories won’t always be weekly but they’ll be going up regularly, and supporting us on patreon means I can keep making this show, and you’ll also get access to a bunch of other exciting stuff like our patreon BTS show Hanging with the Sloths, fortnightly creator’s notes when new episodes are airing, discord benefits, and a guarantee that will answer your QnA question!

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you have chance to do something nice for yourself. Stay spooky, folks!

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